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About Steve's Photos

Welcome to Steve's Photos (dot) org, the original, nearly ancient online home of Steve Rider's photo collection. I'm Steve, and I'll be your web host today.

Steve's Photos is provided as a free service by Steve's Web Hosting.

Steve also hosts his photos, especially newer ones, on other commercial photo sites, including Flickr and Picasa Web. The images shown below are linked to the photo galleries on these sites. Many of Steve's newer photos are also geotagged, as can be seen on any of these three photo sharing sites.


Flickr is undoubtedly the most popular photo sharing website in the world. The primary advantage of hosting your photos on Flickr is that a greater number of people are likely to see them. Flickr has a lot of other strong points going for it, you could do lots worse than hosting photos on Flickr.

The Google

Many photos are on Google Plus

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