Maui Vacation, 2006

In November 2006 we went on a vacation trip to the Island of Maui to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Terry brought his Bike Friday folding bicycle, and of course I took my Canon EOS 5D digital SLR camera.

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Lahaina and Reefdancer

Lahaina and Reefdancer, Maui Hawaii

On our first day after arriving in Maui, we drove to Lahaina, saw the shopping district downtown with the largest Banyan tree in the USA, and then we took a cruise on the Reefdancer, a yellow semi-submarine with a glass bottom viewing area.

We saw tropical fish and coral, and a pair of divers brought pieces of coral and sea urchins up to the windows for us to see.

West Maui Rural Coastline

Rural West Maui Coast, Maui Hawaii

On our way back to shore on the Reefdancer I took a few photos of the shoreline. Then we had a Mexican-Hawaiian lunch and drove northwest along the coast for a few hours.

The deep red color of the volcanic soil, rich greens of the vegetation, and perfect blue of the Pacific ocean made for a splendid scenic view.

Iao Valley State Park

Iao Needle, Iao Valley state Park, Maui Hawaii

The Iao Needle is a nearly vertical 2250 foot tall rock pinacle in Iao Valley state Park that was considered important by the native people of Maui.

When we arrived the clouds were shadowing the Iao Needle, but later they cleared. We also got photos of small waterfalls, and I took some time-delay shots of water flowing around rocks in the stream bed.

The Hana Highway

Iao Needle, Iao Valley state Park, Maui Hawaii

The next day we drove the long, narrow, winding Hana Highway around the East Maui shore to Hana, scoring lots of waterfall photos on the way out and on the way back.

Just before we reached Hana we came to Waianapanapa State Park, which features a black sand beach, lush tropical vegetation, enormous chunks of lava in the sea shore, and some of the most vibrant and beatiful colors I've ever seen anywhere. It was a fantastic trip, with 75 or 100 one lane bridges and fantastic scenery.

Haleakala Volcano Crater

Haleakala Volcano, Haleakala National Park, Maui Hawaii

A few days later we drove up the 37 mile climb from the Maui valley floor to the summit of Haleakala in Haleakala National Park. This volcano formed the larger portion of the island of Maui, and the National Park highway leads right to the absolute top at 10,023 feet.

From this vantage point nearly two miles high we could look down on most of the island of Maui and also down into the crater at the top of the mountain. It was very windy and cold, as is usually the case on a mountaintop, but the vivid colors in the cinder cones and lava flows, and the tenacious high altitude vegetation, made the trip a visual treat beyond compare.

Gliders, Sand, and Surfers

Gliders, Sand and Surfrts, Maui Hawaii

On our last full day in Maui we took it easy, visiting some beaches near our rental condo for recreation and photography. Terry brought a small glider and his new Hawaiian Ukelele, and of course I brought my camera.

I took photos of Terry flying his glider and strumming his ukelele, and also captured a few different birds resting on a log. I also took some shots of surfers enjoying some fairly small waves. The colors of the sand and sea were beautiful to behold, and these photos will help me recall this wonderful trip for many years.

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