Vacation 2004

In June and July 2004 we went on a vacation to Scotland and Amsterdam. Terry brought his Bike Friday folding bicycle, and of course I took my digital SLR camera. About 1400 photos survived the cutting room.

Locations Comments
Kirkcudbright Our trip was based in Kirkcudbright, where my Out-Laws live. They are my Out-Laws because it would be illegal for them to be my In-Laws, what with the separation of Church and State, and all that.
The Isle of Arran We started by spending 4 days on the beautiful Isle of Arran, off the western coast of Scotland.
The Falkirk Wheel The Falkirk Wheel is a gigantic turny thing that connects canals which are at different levels. It's unique!
Stirling Castle Stirling Castle is in Stirling, Scotland. It is an enormous and well cared for estate.
Railway Bridge of Forth On the way back from Stirling Castle we passed a very unusual railroad bridge over the Firth of Forth, that's like a bay, sort of.
The Seashore One day we stopped at the seashore in Southwestern Scotland.
The Wood of Cree The Wood of Cree may be the most brilliantly green place I have ever seen. Check out the waterfall shots.
Hadrian's Wall The Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wall across northern England to keep out the Scots. This was a long time ago.
Amsterdam We spent two days in Amsterdam enjoying the sites and the wonderful espresso.


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