Vacation 2003

In August 2003 we went on a vacation road trip touring most of New Mexico and part of Arizona.

I took over 1,000 photos with my then brand new Canon EOS 10D digital SLR. I have arranged the photos on a per-day basis, as they come out of the camera that way.

Day Locations Comments
Sunday Gila Cliff Dwellings We drove from a hotel in Benson AZ to the Gila Cliff Dwellings where we were able to actually enter the ancient caves.
Monday Rock Hound State Park and White Sands National Monument We started at Rock Hound State Park near Deming, then drove to White Sands.
Tuesday Carlsbad Caverns Carlsbad Caverns was one of the high points of the trip. Most of these photos have been heavily tweaked usuing Irfanview and Adobe Photoshop.
Wednesday Taos area We drove to Taos, hated it, then drove southeast toward Arizona.
Thursday Bandera's Volcano and Ice Caves, El Morro, and the Painted Desert The best day of the trip, the fascinating volcano and ice cave on private property, followed by El Morro - a wonderful climb to the top of an ancient mesa with Pueblo ruins from 1270 AD, then the awe inspiring Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.
Friday The Donald Starting home, we stopped in Prescott AZ to spend an evening with my dear friend Donald.


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